Business Service Management

  • Is your team spending too much time reacting to issues instead of predicting them?
  • Are you able to quickly and accurately assess the health of your business applications?
  • Do you wish you could have all the accurate information you need on one dashboard to see if your business critical applications are performing well?
  • Are you communicating what is going on to the business in a way that they understand?

BSM is more than monitoring, it’s about communicating with the business what really matters to them. It’s about knowing that whatever happens, the situation will be under control. Ultimately, it’s about building confidence and trust within the rest of your organization.


From a business perspective, it is not about whether something is working or not, it’s about ensuring business critical applications are performing well and making sure customers have a good experience.


Our solution helps manage your business services by making sure they are available and performing at high levels for your customers.

Our solution includes:

  • Single platform – We bring infrastructure monitoring and application monitoring into a single platform to provide you with a consistent approach. We believe consolidation and correlation enable you to perform better and helps you provide better use performance.
  • Process improvements – In addition to setting up a world-class system, we believe in process improvements to make sure that the way the business interacts with the monitoring team is more efficient.
  • Strategy – We work to show you what is critical for the business to understand. This includes what metrics are important to track and what business applications should be prioritized when monitoring. Our strategy will help you improve MTTD and MTTR.
  • Recommendations – We give you practical guidance on better ways to monitor in order to provide the business the information they need.
  • Marketing and communications – We help you market your solution internally and communicate openly and transparently with the business.

What results can you expect?

  • imageConfidence from the business / opportunity to gain confidence back from business
  • imageRisk reduction from increased visibility
  • imageMore efficient use of your team’s time by getting rid of severity one calls with hundreds of people trying to solve one problem

Having clear sight into your business services gives you the ability to solve problems quickly and sense what’s happening in real time. It also allows you to identify the root cause of an issue and communicate well around it.

Let us show you what we can do to help you.