Change Management

  • Do you have confidence that your teams have the info they need to make optimal change management decisions?
  • When you are asked to approve critical changes, do you trust the data that is provided to you? Is your data based on tribal knowledge or near real time/updated visibility into the configuration of your environment?
  • Can you approve changes knowing that it will not cause a service disruption?
  • Is your team efficiently managing changes?

Change is hard; but wouldn’t it be easier if you could predict the applications and business services that could be impacted by it? In an industry where 68% of incidents are caused by failed change, understanding what your services are made up of and having visibility into all the systems that support those services is required to ensure that your business critical systems are up and running at all times.


From our perspective, service disruption should not be part of your organization’s vocabulary and risk of collision should not keep you awake at night. Why wait until something goes wrong to improve your current change management solution?


Intact’s Change and Release Management solution is focused on providing insight into the impact, risk and criticality of changes in your environment. Our solution will help you accurately plan, coordinate and effectively communicate changes within your organization, resulting in better change auditing.

Our Solution focuses on:

  • Discovery – We work with you to understand your environment and define clear criteria for success.
  • Solid, intuitive change process – our goal is to enable you to understand past performance, timing and potential conflicts of changes so you can see how changes affect other CIs, services, and systems.
  • Automation and Standardization –We use change models to help you reduce the negative impact of changes and automate change deployments.
  • Complete Integration with Configuration Management – We automate integration for unplanned changes to be detected and reconciled.

What results can you expect?

  • imagePeace of mind as a result of clear insight into change from knowing what is happening
  • imageConfident communication regarding changes and disruptions to service
  • imageReduced downtime and increased service availability – Higher success rate of changes with clearly established success criteria
  • imageReduced risk and increased insight into the business impacts of changes

Let us help you shed some “light” on Change Management!