Configuration Management

  • Do you have confidence in the data you have to effectively and accurately support other IT functions in your organization?
  • Do you struggle to communicate what the value of configuration management adds to your organization?
  • Can your team make informed change management decisions?
  • Does your organization spend more time ‘fire fighting’ than preventing fires?
  • Do you have reliable information to ensure you are compliant or to determine if your organization is at risk?

Proving the value of configuration management is hard. In fact, as a standalone, configuration management doesn’t add any tangible value to your organization. The value comes from having a strong strategy on how to efficiently use your configuration management data to empower other IT functions such as: change management, service management, asset management, monitoring and compliance.


For this reason, we have built an end-to-end solution that goes beyond capturing information from your IT environment. We build a complete systems inventory and discover the relationships between your systems. Our solution not only gives you what any other vendor offers but helps you understand how to utilize the data obtained to enhance support for the business.

Our Solution includes the following:

  • Discovery – We discover your infrastructure to see what has been inventoried and create a plan to build the best inventory for you.
  • Enhanced inventory – We work with you to make sure all your assets are inventoried.
  • Modeled business critical applications – We organize your IT infrastructure and help you discover what your critical business applications look like and the relationships associated with them. This crucial aspect gives you insight into what will be impacted if anything changes.
  • Data Strategy  – We strategize on how to better use your configuration management data and how work best with the change management, service management, asset management, monitoring and compliance teams.
  • Enablement – We work with your team and enable them on how to best use the new information and  system.
  • Compliance check – We make sure you are compliant

What results can you expect?

  • imageTrust from the business and IT
  • imageReduced risk from having a clear blueprint of what your IT infrastructure looks like in order to make better decisions
  • imageMore effective and accurate change planning and impact analysis
  • imageReduced time to resolution for critical events with a fast view of service decomposition

Let us help you prove the value of configuration management back to your organization.