Reporting as a Service

We provide reporting services in a productized manner. You buy it as a product and consume it as a product, with all the benefits of a consulting service.

What Will You Get?

1. Visually Appealing and Easy to Understand Reports
Present your data in beautiful, interactive reports.  Our team will create reports that are visually appealing, easy to consume and give depth to your data.  Every report has a story behind it; we help to ensure that you tell the right story, to the right audience.


2. Consultative Service at No Additional Price
Our team will not only create your reports but will provide leadership around how to use and communicate the results to your internal and external consumers.  We understand that your organization is ever-changing.  As you evolve and mature, so do the components of your reports; update any existing reports in RaaS as many times as you want at no additional charge.


raas-library, reporting-as-a-service


3. Library of Common Reports
Using 30+ years of experience in service management and operations, we have defined a group of pre-defined dashboards and reports to allow for quick ramp-up and immediate insight. Gain visibility into the performance of your organization including metrics based on industry best practices.


4. Data Normalization
The most important component of reporting is data. However, it tends to be the most challenging.  Our team will help you combine data from multiple disparate sources and normalize your data to ensure repeatable, consistent and accurate results.