IT Strategy and Planning

  • Would you be willing to bet your career on the IT strategy you have in place?
  • Does your strategy translate IT improvements in terms of business results?
  • Are your peers and their teams engaged and understand their role in your IT strategy?
  • Can people articulate your IT strategy and do they feel enabled to execute on it?

An IT strategy that you can’t execute on is worthless. A strategy should be more than a nicely formatted document with a series of acronyms. It’s the compass that guides all of your efforts – from setting clear and reasonable expectations to prioritizing tasks without agonizing, to aligning your team towards ONE vision.

To get the masses moving to the same beat, you need an IT strategy that travels – a strategy that builds momentum and earns credibility with each phase.

Our IT Strategy and Planning solution focuses on:

  • Discovery – What’s the purpose of your plan? What’s your long term vision? How do we get you there? We don’t try to sell you a cookie cutter solution. We start with you. What challenges are you trying to solve? What are the risks and dependencies associated to what you are trying to achieve? We help you prioritize and clearly define outcomes. We call it “success planning”.
  • Setting Clear Expectations – Expectations are the only human KPI. Misaligned expectations can result in disappointment and loss in investment. We examine where you are today, what can reasonably be accomplished based on your current resources and help you set and manage expectations.
  • Actionable Strategies – Keep up momentum for your project with actionable strategies, broken down into increments, so you can see and respond accordingly.
  • Communication and Adoption – What needs to be communicated? Who needs to hear it? How do we bring people on board? What really matters is how your strategy gets communicated. We create a strong story and use tailored communication techniques to help people connect with your plan and understand how executing the strategy is going to make their lives easier.

What results can you expect?

  • imageBuy-in to execute your strategy
  • imageHigher adoption rates of your plan
  • imagePositive perception of IT as a source of innovation

Let us show you how to build a strong IT strategy that travels…