Process Re-engineering

  • Can you rely on your current processes to drive your strategic plan?
  • Do you struggle with balancing process standardization and flexibility?
  • Are you delivering the highest quality of service, in the most efficient way?

We make process re-engineering as painless as possible.

Whether you are dealing with decentralized process, inflexible process, or the Catch 22 of “tools before process vs. process before tools”, we can help.


Our process re-engineering approach is simple, practical and comprehensive. We help you benchmark, define, improve, enable, communicate, govern and continuously improve your IT processes.
When building processes, we take into consideration your tools’ capabilities to ensure the tools can still manage the new process. If the tools you currently use are an issue, we will create a tools roadmap to support process improvement and make clear, unbiased (don’t tell HP we said this!) tool recommendations.


We know processes are not the most exciting things to work on. Bottom line – not many people like process. Nevertheless, processes are a necessary evil, and we can’t deliver quality services without them.

What results can you expect?

  • image
    High adoption rates
  • imageOperational efficiencies from time and resource savings
  • imageCredibility for the work you do from delivering consistent results

Our process re-engineer include:

  • Discovery – Rethinking and defining processes without clear results in mind is like following instructions without understanding the final product. To get a clear picture of your mission, we ask questions and facilitate an in-depth conversation to help us understand how you operate and leverage what you already have.
  • Full process documentation – We work together as a team to design standardized processes that allow for easy management, yet are flexible enough to keep up with the constantly changing demands of the business. We fully document your processes in an attractive and consumable format.
  • Operational Recommendations – As part of the engagement, we provide you with recommendations to help you run your IT department more efficiently.
  • Adoption and Improvement Plan – A defined process is just the start. To ensure your success, we create a plan for your processes to be adopted, correctly measured, improved and repeated over time.
  • Enablement – Dependency is not our thing. We teach you how to improve and maintain the processes that were documented.

Let us show you what we can do to help you.