1. Bill Curran

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    Bill is passionate about identifying and exploiting leading-edge management technologies that lead to strategic outcomes. He has a broad background managing technology and IT operations in dynamic environments. He also has experience in networks, systems management, operations, data center management, process engineering, and service management.

Getting Better at Monitoring in 2018 – Event Management

The beginning of the New Year means making resolutions — and being involved in the IT Operations Management game for most of my career — I can’t think of a better one than to make your Event Management more effective. Why? Read my previous post Toward the new Roaring ‘20’s of Monitoring IT. Monitoring data…

Toward the new Roaring 20’s of Monitoring IT

We are at a new tipping point in enterprise monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications. The past few years have seen the pace quicken as infrastructure becomes more virtualized, distributed, and modular. At the same time applications are being written to take advantage of these modern managed code bases and architectures that challenge the way…